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Got Ghosts, Demons, Aliens and Other Creatures that Torment, Torture, Frighten and Abuse? Get Paranormal Help!



Paranormal and Alien Abduction Problem Solvers International
Stop Alien Abductions NOW. Irrefutable proofs, documented testimonies, FREE counselors in your area.

CE4 Research group
Warning! The following information may change your preconceived notion of the true nature of Alien Abductions and UFO’s. Enter at your own risk; you may come away a changed person, many already have.

World Alien Resistance Network
WARN Upcoming Info page
The World Alien Resistance Network (WARN) website, is now up and running, with forums, audio/video chat, projects, an exclusive collection of articles, and interactive features. This site is designed to help Christians get more networked and involved in the alien resistance field of research and activism. On site google language translation is available for international users. Please check it out!

With One Accord
Deliverance, Spiritual Warfare, Witchcraft, Vampirism, Satanism, UFOs, Mormonism and More…

Shatter The Darkness
Deliverance and Occult Crime expert; Pastor Russ Dizdar. Oodles of information, free Mp3 downloads. Expert, experienced help with demonic possession, multiple personality disorder, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Military Occult practices and more.

UFOs and abduction
Pastor Wilhelmsen excellent research into the nuts and bolts, Ufo phenomenon. Abduction counseling.

Delusion Resistance
Tearing down strongholds one delusion at a time.

The Watchman
Real people, Real hope, Real Jesus!

Saints Against Tyranny
Not the wealthy, elitist born and bred ‘olde world bloodlines’ with their equally evil, corrupt, pagan and luciferian infiltrated religions which are financed and supported by their created olde world money cartels that do their global bidding. Whom strongly feel that they have the only viable solutions for humanity. With their deluded self imagined right, to dictate how we the people need to live and more importantly, be governed!

To them I say…….a pox upon thee!

Welcome to this Biblical Study on demons and fallen angels. Contained on the pages below is a large amount of information on Satan, demons, and fallen angels.** For comments or questions, email 
Besides being free to read online in its entirety, if you would like to read
A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels” in a paperback, then go here.
The newly revised version is now available.

Blowtorch and Shred the Enemies Deceptions! Click here to learn more!

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