Christian Paranormal Author Clarifies the Mysterious From A Biblical Worldview


“The Let’s Talk Conspiracy Show” 98.5 WVER Shawn AKA Ninja Scroll

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Doors of Deception Radio show

Definately one of the most fun interviews to date!

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KBWomens Radio Interview: Do Christians experience Spiritual Warfare

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Round table discussion with LA Marzulli, Richard Grund, Doug Riggs, and Connie Huft on the Omega Hour–Discussing current events

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answersfortheparanormal blog talk radio

Part 1 UFOs

Part 2 UFOs

Got questions about the Paranormal? Fears? Wonder how it all fits into your Christian paradigm? Come join my friends Joe and Bill from—vampires-are-they-real

Soon to be posted:  Interview with LA Marzulli we talk about the importance of “The Blood” and the Kingdom of God. 

View from the Bunker with Derek Gilbert of P.I.D. radio–christian-paranormal 

Set the Captives Free Radio show with Lynne Dicke–033–connie-huft-testimony–can-a-christian-be-cursed 

The Other Side radio hosted by Elliot Adams 

The Omega Hour Interview, May 27th, 2010. 2 hour interview with the ground breaking team of Minister Fortson and Brother BJ. 

My Story, with Legendary Dr. Stanley Montieth of the Radio Liberty Broadcast — May 3rd, 2010.

Click the link below and scroll down for 5/3/10 show, Hour #4 MY STORY Radio Liberty 

Interview with Russ Dizdar, Pastor and Founder of Discusses how Christians are making themselves an “easy target” for the enemy.


Interview on Rapture Ready Radio Live Saturday Show — October 31st, 2009 

Internationally syndicated Television show “The Harvest TV Show” Oct. 30th, 2009. Author and lecturer Connie Huft uncovers the deception and the lies behind ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal, so you can be wise as a serpent, yet gentle as a dove.

Please follow link: The Harvest TV Show  

Shred the Enemies Lies! Click Here!

Become Dangerously Informed

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