Can’t Find It In The Bible?

Articles to Answer your Questions about Paranormal Activity, Esoteric Spirituality, and Ancient Mysteries, From A Christian Biblical Perspective.

Great blog discussing top of mind topics important for a deeper understanding of the Christian Walk.

Pagan Revelries–Revealed!
Insane article chronicling the Burning Man Festival held in Nevada. Gives a good overview of the openly pagan revelries being celebrated in the U.S.  &

Christian Cryptozoology and Paranormal Study group web site and blog, friends from downunder….check it out!

Fellow warriors for Christ;  Joe Mirrodi and Bill Posey explore the paranormal from a Christian perspective.

If you haven’t yet heard or read any of LA Marzulli’s incredible material, you are in for a treat!

Elliot does a great job exploring the “The Other Side of Life” in his radio show.

Minister Dante Fortson host of  “The Omega Hour” radio show, and noted author, addresses the modern topics relevant to todays paranormal pentecost

Wondering About the Number 13?
Great Blog article regarding the number 13 in current relevant prophetic elements.

Billionaire Blasphemer
Article written by Joseph Chambers on Oprah Winfrey’s fall from Christianity to New Age Theosophy.

Angels of Light
Is the Spirit of Mormonism Being Revisited in the
Contemporary Charismatic-Revival-Prophetic Movement?

Colossian Heresay
Has the Prophetic Stream Lost Its Focus? Focusing on the Spiritual encounters in Church rather than Christ

Breaking Free From the Spirit of Control
“Authoritarian leaders know how to control people through manipulation … In such a church no one is allowed to ask questions.”

Magic Inscription of Lilith Found on Human Skull
A Halloween story of the evil eye.

Interesting Blog Article on Military Occult Reptilian Hybrids

Runescape and Other Deceptive Childrens Games

The Meaning of the Lord’s Prayer in Hebrew
Eloquent and stunning! Understand the Hebrew context within the Lord’s Prayer.

The Spirit Power Blog Spot
My name is Jerry Jochem and I am starting a blog which addresses the paranormal from a distinctly Christian/Biblical view point. I have the Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Mississippi, and Masters Degree in Bible Studies from Liberty Bible College. I have over 12 years experience with Parapsychology and the paranormal in both a scientific and personal context. I been a Pastor of a Spirit filled church for 18 years and I am presently ordained with the Assemblies of God. In my blog I am attempting to integrate both the Paranormal and the Christian Biblical view of the spirit world.

Kundalini Warning!
What churches are “Imparting” in so-called revival meetings. TEST THE SPIRITS!

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