Questions and Answers To the Validity of Studying Satan and the Paranormal

Q. Why should Christians study Satan? Is it dangerous, and does it detract from the message of Jesus?
What would happen to our police officers if they did not study the abnormal psychology of criminal behavior? How would you protect your children from sexual predators if you had no understanding of the evil motives behind their charms? The Police call this profiling. That is what this book does — profile the enemy.

The bible doesn’t make sense without a thorough understanding of the enemy. Why do we need a Savior, what is the point of prophecy, Why does God say and do certain things like wipe out an entire nation and their livestock? None of this makes sense, if you don’t understand Satan.

Quite the opposite of dangerous — you are being ill informed and ignorant if you don’t study Satan.. because we are admonished are to know and understand the wiles and schemes of the Enemy

Q. Why do you think most people and the church included, avoid the topic of Satan?
Fear! Fear that they may be turned to the dark side or something — .makes you wonder who would ever tell Christians such a thing, when we are told all throughout scripture to BE CAREFUL that we are not deceived, and to know and understand the wiles and schemes of the devil. How do you know what deception even is unless you have studied it?

This fear is founded in lack of knowledge — .The Lord did not give us a spirit of fear but of a sound mind.

Once you get past that fear, and those Jedi mind tricks, the bible literally comes alive and you begin to understand so much more of it at a deeper level. That is why Satan wants us to fear understanding him and his wiles and schemes, he knows if he can keep us in bondage to that, we won’t get know Jesus very well.

Q. What do you say to people who think you are crazy or little “out there” as a Christian studying the paranormal fringe?
Why is curiosity considered crazy? It is actually normal, and a mandate by God given to us in Genesis to know and understand our world and the spiritual realm.

Q. Why do you think Christians are interested in the paranormal, supernatural and why?
We are spiritual beings living in a physical body. We are programmed by God for the Spiritual, its just in our modern western society we place a higher value on solid logic and physicality versus understanding the spiritual nature of things. So it is natural especially for Christians to be drawn to the spiritual nature of things, and especially so when the paranormal is being shoved in our faces electronically every day.

Q.  What key element do you think is paramount to understanding evil and deception in our times?

The Understanding of Angels. The New Age and renaissance art have influenced our perception of the Role of Angels in our lives more than the physical descriptions of such beings in the Holy Bible. We need to get a Biblical understanding of Angels because Satan is a Fallen Cherub, and he took many different classes of angels with him when he fell — needless to say, he is not a formidable enemy if you picture a cherub as a fat naked, baby with wings. Quite the contrary to scripture that states he was one of the most powerful, beautiful, terrifying beings the Lord God had ever made.

Q.  Where did you get the title; Know Thine Enemy: A Guide to Intelligent Deception?
Well, The Lord actually gave me the title in prayer, and Intelligent Deception is a play on the words Intelligent Design.

Q.  What does Intelligent Deception mean?
The bible tells us we are up against the most crafty and subtle creature ever created by God. These 2 words alone in the Hebrew have very specific meanings.

Crafty means working that which is unscrupulous, cunning, baited, fraud, guile and deceit Subtle means the intelligence applied to the crafty and manipulative workings.

Which means he is the most manipulative, intelligent, narcissistic beings ever created.

Q.  How does your book solve the problem of evil for the believer?
Well, only Jesus Christ can solve this problem for us, but, what my book can do is help the believer or seeker come to a much better understanding the of nature of evil, how to recognize it. It’s basically a field guild and a primer on the paranormal, because it is not easy to recognize subtle and crafty — .he is very blithe in his approach to humans. He always portrays himself as fun, compassionate, caring, loving, willing to give higher knowledge, self-less, beautiful, full of light — and so on. Even for the most discerning of Christians he wears fabulous camouflage.

Q.  You say you were the victim of witchcraft, how did that occur?

I was what people who study the dark arts would mockingly call a dupe, and ignorant, or an unwitting. In other words I was clueless! I had an experience that challenged my Christian paradigm, and it nearly cost me my life. Witchcraft is real, it does exist, and it is powerful. Those statements go against much of the safe teachings in the church. Jesus himself said we were sheep for the slaughter; the devil seeks out whom he may devour. The word is adamant against witchcraft, but in our 21st century way of thinking it is instead accepted only as children’s fiction. Not as a real power, this is naturally what I call Intelligent Deception!

Q.  Wouldn’t studying the enemy open up a believer for unwanted trouble?
Quite the opposite. I believe we have a lot of Christians out there wearing their armor, but that are blindfolded, because they don’t know what is of God and what is of Satan anymore, and they are aimlessly flailing their swords and missing specific targets, and hitting others that they cannot see. So you are more open to the trouble by not studying it.

Q.  What does the enemy have to do with the paranormal, and what are its’ dangers?
Know Thine Enemy is a paranormal primer for many folks because I delve into all those things that the secular or the new age movements are most willing to answer too, and most people have a natural curiosity towards and wonder where it fits into their Christian paradigm. I believe the paranormal phenomenon is what the bible talks about as lying signs and wonders. The devil has to pervert the gifts of the Holy Spirit if he is to fulfill his ambitious goals to be like God.

Q. Why should people care about the fringe world of the paranormal, isn’t all that science fiction anyway?

The truth is stranger than fiction. As I stated before, the paranormal is a very real power. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, powers, and authorities of this Dark Age. Wrestle is very physical description, it means its personal, and these rulers, powers and authorities are fallen angels and demons that we are entangled with, engaged with and fight with every day, one on one. Science fiction is a just how people who like to have a very logical explanation for Spiritual entities explain things that the bible says we come in contact with everyday, and physically battle.

Q. Does the Bible address: Witchcraft, Aliens, and Vampires, ESP, Ghosts, the Great Pyramid and the like?
When I began my research there was no way you could convince me that the Bible talks about these things. But deep calls unto deep, and I was so blown away by the completeness of God’s word. You can’t find these things doing a surface rendering of the bible, like pick out a verse that states UFO’s are among us. But when you study the original language, when you begin to understand certain passages of scripture and the nature of fallen angels, you begin to see the pattern, relevance and the frequency that God wrote about these things. It was astounding to me, and deepened my faith.

Q. Who are fallen angels, giants and demons, and why should we understand them?

Genesis 6 is the beginning to understanding these creatures. It is also one of the most controversial, and offensive scriptures in the bible. People either believe what it clearly states in the original Hebrew that the Sons of God, which are Angels, came down and mated with human women and produced an unnatural offspring, or they will believe something that will appeal to their logical minds, and is clearly not stated in the scriptures. This is the key to understanding most of bible prophecy, why God does the things he does, why Jesus came to save us as our kinsmen redeemer and it’s also the key to understanding the last days — because Jesus gave us a cryptic message, “As in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be”. In order to unlock that message, we need to study what was really going on “In the days of Noah”.

Q. Why aren’t pastors preaching on the paranormal?

I don’t think they have been equipped. I believe there is a fear factor there. But, in the same breath, if the church does not address the public’s insatiable appetite for paranormal phenomenon they are missing one the world’s largest mission fields.

Q. What benchmarks in health, science, astro-physics, ecology, and religion should we be keenly aware of?
As far as health and science goes: genetic markers, manipulation, and storage. Basically transgenics, or the betterment of the infallibility of man through scientific alteration. The wages of sin is death, plain and simple, our scientists are trying to play God, by altering this, Jesus conquered death and sin at the cross. Why do we need to find a fallible alternative?

Astro-physics are we not seeking our very own tower of Babel to declare war on the heavenlies and escape the doom of our planet?

And we need to be careful not to mix ecology and religion, it’s called nature worship — Planet worship. Idolatry.

Q. What would make a horseshoer from Montana write about such a controversial topic?
I am still trying to figure that one out. I would have much rather written a nice safe book on horses, believe me. No, I truly wanted answers to my incredible encounter, and to understand why I as a Christian of over 20 years when I began to write this, wasn’t getting the victory I read about it in the scriptures. If I have had encounters that I couldn’t explain, or fit into my Christian way thinking, surely there are others out there who have had similar experiences, possibly living in a cloud of doubt, confusion and guilt as I did. If I can help one person to clearly see the enemy for who he really is — the controversy is nothing but a pesky fly to me.

Q. Will people find your book scary, and unbelievable?

Quite the opposite, there are some disturbing stories in there, but nothing like dealing day in and day out with ignorance and defeat. I am very transparent in this book, it was written for those who have an ear to hear.

Q. How will this book convince a mainstream doubter, or an occultist?
I quote close to 500 scriptures, and also occultists’ own literature and I compare and contrast the two. People are challenged in this book to seek truth for themselves, so often we give a knee jerk reactionary opinion to things we literally don’t know anything about. So I admonish people to look things up, critically think things through, and prayerfully they will find nuggets of truth along the way.

Q. What does the body of Christ need to be looking for, in order to recognize the great deceivers plan for the ultimate end-times deception?
I believe we need to have our fingers on the pulse of the occult at all times. WE cannot simply bury our heads in the sand and pretend the supernatural and the paranormal do not exist. We need to understand our authority that Christ was tortured and killed for us to freely have. And the bible states we are to watch and be prepared for the signs of the times.


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