Know Thine Enemy: A Guide To Intelligent Deception


Ever had an encounter you could not explain via conventional, logical means? This Christian paranormal book will knock you out of the mainstream; you will never be able to go back to lies and false hoods! Know Thine Enemy is a page turning read; you will be armed with the truth. You will be able to recognize, root-out and Know Thine Enemy, like never before.

Read this and be informed! Know Thine Enemy: A Guide to Intelligent Deception will help you:

  • Ease your fears and misconceptions about Satan
  • Tackle tough questions normally not discussed in the Church such as: the paranormal, UFOs, witchcraft, ancient megaliths, ghosts, hauntings, astrology, vampires and the like.
  • Solve your biggest learning problem: Time! Everything has been researched for you from the greatest book on earth, the Holy Bible.
  • Not a Spiritual Warfare book in the traditional sense, but a tactical, intel-gathering guide on the greatest evil known to man.

Nothing crushes the Enemy more than the DANGEROUSLY INFORMED!

Know Thine Enemy: A Guide to Intelligent Deception — Now Available from Anomalous Publishing

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Not just a book about the Paranormal from a Biblical perspective, but a valuable reference book for anyone who wants to witness to the spiritual seeker involved in the New Age!

Plant a seed in someone’s life; Help them answer questions they desperately are seeking answers too.  If we don’t help them understand…you can be sure the Enemy will offer a palatible alternative for them instead!


There are 3 different options below;  click the down arrow button in the window and you have the option to purchase just one book, 5 books for the price of 3!  and a whole case at wholesale for churches, bible studies or groups, or teens.

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>Book Reviews

“As a professor of Comparative Religion, and holding a Ph.D. in Theology, I can state without any reservation that this is one of the best books available. I’ve been reading books on religion for 40 years. This was my job and my interest. ‘Know Thine Enemy’ is a GREAT BOOK. I can’t tell you in strong enough terms how really great this book is. Only a very few books can actually change your life for the better. This is one of them. You really need to read it.”  —  T.R. Anderson, “Dr.Professor”, Esq.

“I am SO grateful to you for writing this book and sharing your passion, knowledge, and experience. I have been involved in a lot of spiritual warfare for the last several years nominal knowledge on the enemy. This book has helped me make so many connections about the ancient Inca ruins and the scientific knowledge they had far beyond their time… it has kicked off a new passion and faith in the power of God that I want to share with everyone who will listen. In fact I have talked so much about it that I have several people who want the book as well.” B. Davis

“Challenging and confirming!”  —  T. Tolar-Pastor

“You have given me such a strong desire to dig deeper, search further, and study harder to understand at a greater level.”  —  L.Q. Pruett

“A Wow factor! One of the best reads I’ve ever read of any Christian book before or for that matter, any other book. Read your Bible and READ THIS BOOK!”  —  K. Schneider

“I wish I would have had this book in my hands years ago! This book opened my eyes to how we have all been decieved for years and not realized it!”  —  M. Severinson

“Whether you agree or disagree…Thought provoking!”  — M. Anderson


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