So what questions do you have regarding the Paranormal and the Bible?

Discover the truth behind paranormal mysteries, ghosts, angels, demons, UFO’s, Aliens, vampires, witchcraft, ancient megaliths, psychic abilities, reincarnation, crytozoology and more…

Have you had an encounter that could not be explained by conventional logic?

Christianity has been remiss in teaching discernment in an age of high level deception. Have you been trained in the subtleness and craftiness of evil? Would you know if you were being deceived? Could you spot the “wiles and schemes of the Devil”?

Want to know how to become a dangerous Christian? Ease your fears and misconceptions about the devil, recognize, root out and Know Thine Enemy like never before!

The bible states

“The spiritual man tries all things (he examines, investigates, inquires into, questions, and discerns all things…)”

1 Corinthians 2:15 AMP

Daniel was chief of the Babylonian Magicians and Sorcerers, he was well versed in how they operated, but did NOT PRACTICE, their dark arts. We need to learn to follow Daniels’ example.

I feel it is imperative in this late day and hour to have a SAFE PLACE TO ASK QUESTIONS THAT ARE NOT BEING ADDRESSED IN THE CHRISTIAN PARADIGM. We are admonished to seek wisdom from an All-Knowing God. Know Thine Enemy: A Guide To Intelligent Deception, by C.A. Huft, is a biblically based primer on answering and exploring many questions not considered “polite topics of conversation in the Church setting”, but vitally important in uncovering lies and deception.

You will not find a “knee jerk” reaction here regarding paranormal issues. Research, biblical knowledge and prayer are imperative to uncovering and eliminating widespread ignorance in the church. You are not “weird” or “crazy” for wondering about these things, simply curious; we are admonished to seek knowledge and wisdom from an Almighty God.


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5 Responses to So what questions do you have regarding the Paranormal and the Bible?

  1. There are so many paranormal shows on television and seem to be honestly concerned, Physic Kids for instance. These are children, what in the world could they be seeing. According to them they see dead people. This thing has filled my head so full and I do not understand anymore. I think, if I could really see my Dad again and talk to him! Maybe they play on your heart because you want that contact again with a loved one who has passed. Is it true or is it Devil trying to deceive and take our focus off God and his ways. They make it so interesting and show things moving and orbs that it sucks you right in. In my heart I think, “This could not be right, if you want answers ask God.” But the people being used to do this deed seem to be nice and make you want to believe them. These shows really have the worlds attention. Like Paranormal State, the man has pictures of confederate soldiers standing in a field. What is that and what is causing it, the evil works of the enemy? People are actually seeing this stuff. I know Satin comes to seek and destroy and uses people by any means but when you really see it and feel it, what is that. I have often wondered if I ever saw my Dad would I be fooled into thinking it was really him because I love him so much, would I know that the devil was using his image to pull me in and seek him more? Please help me so I can help my grown children because they watch this stuff and believe it. Thank you so much for being there, this was the day I searched to find the truth but need help to teach my children and grand children. Vondell Lamb

  2. Gary Davis says:

    It’s becoming apparent, again, that those who reject the Bible are generally open to any belief-system that allows them to believe in both materialism, and a spiritual dimension to life. This seems to be cyclical, with materialist atheists (e.g. Richard Dawkins, David Attenborough, Patrick Moore) having the main platforms on the BBC, Sky, Discovery Channel et al; but the other view is also being promulgated on The Discovery Channel, often seemingly uncritically (this is hardly the case with the Bible; they always re-interpret things like the Exodus as Moses leading a few thousand — not the 2-million-plus described in the Bible — out of Egypt, with no supernatural events surrounding it, but simply naturally-occurring phenomena that they (mis)interpreted as from God).
    As the supernatural is once again reaching a high level of exposure in the media, including ghosts, UFOs, mediums etc., I’ve decided to try and find some Christian answers to these phenomena.
    Obviously — and I speak from experience, here — the vast majority of “UFOs”, “ghosts”, etc. can be attributed to misperceptions, hallucinations, optical illusions, or outright hoaxes and liars; but there is that small percentage of cases in each category that defies rationalisation.
    Because several of my family and friends are interested, and even dabbling in, these paranormal activities, I have been searching for websites I could use to answer their more up-to-date arguments.
    It’s a boon to discover oyur site; are there any others you could point me to?

  3. Eric Swanson says:

    I had a novel published about the paranormal and I’m looking for someone to publish my second novel. I don’t know if I would consider myself an expert but I don’t believe in ghosts. I believe that demons can take the form of ghosts and thus I don’t believe in a friendly ghost. Some may appear friendly, but in the end, each one is there to ruin lives in some way. I could write more, but I will end with this.

  4. Molly says:

    A new Facebook page for Christians dealing with the paranormal can be found at:

  5. Molly says:

    There is a Facebook community page for Christians dealing with the paranormal. Visit us at:

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