Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep…A Paranormal Encounter

By C.A. Huft
I am often emailed or contacted by individuals who have questions and need help. That’s why this site is here after all. So many ‘normal’ people are experiencing things that they would never tell to friends or neighbors and I wanted to post this series of emails to show you that you are not alone. And that you just can’t say a few words, and your ‘problem’ disappears. Here is a perfect example of faith in ACTION… Sometimes we have to find the physical to get rid of the spiritual. I kept names out of the equation to protect those involved.

My point is you can be FREE and live a life without spiritual defeat; it takes prayer, dedication, sanctification, and a little elbow grease at times.

I was amazed by your testimony. It was shocking to hear someone else talk about so many of the things that have happened to me in my life. For years I thought I was somehow evil or crazy or maybe both. Thank you for having the courage to talk and write about your experiences.

I would be happy to share my testimony with you sometime if you would like. But for now I need to ask for your advice.

I have attachments and open doors that I am only just now being shown exist. Some I have come to understand over the years and through the power and authority of our Lord Jesus Christ and by virtue of his grace and ultimate kindness have been delivered from evil and live a new life in him. I have witnessed evil entities flee in fear at the sound of his name and be banished by the power of his blood. I say this not for my own glory but for that of Christ Jesus and to assure you, that I am fully aware of the power inherent in that precious blood shed for us at Calvary, and acknowledge the authority he has given his elect to trample on all the powers of hell.

At night I pray over my children and come awake sometimes in the early morning hours to plead the blood of Christ over them. I have taught them to pray against the entities in the name of Jesus and they tell me about how much it helps. But only on those nights when we engage in open spiritual warfare do they sleep untroubled. Most other nights my ten year old son walks around the house. If I’m home, (I work 12 hour night shifts) I almost always wake-up when he “sleep-walks” because of the feeling of oppression that fills the air. He is seemingly awake when he does this and will answer questions and respond to stimuli but is not himself. When I pray against the evil he becomes himself and never remembers why he is up, walking around the house, in the middle of the night. He suffers from sleep paralysis and has begun to lie habitually.

The other two are getting better for some reason. I feel like the Lord is letting me be a covering for my four year old daughter. I prayed that he would let me stand in the gap and absorb the attacks directed against her. Things have gotten much better for her. Every day she tells me something new she learned about at Sunday School the week before. My seven year old has never seemed to suffer as much as the other two.

I have a feeling that this is a generational problem and that God is leading me down the road to uncovering the source. I already know of so many that go back so far on so many sides of the family that the task seems almost overwhelming but I can’t give up on my kids and I know that nothing is impossible to God.

I had never even heard your name before today but feel that you can somehow help or at least point me in the right direction.

Thank you and God Bless.
Your Brother in Christ

Brother,I don’t have the answers but Jesus does, and I prayed for wisdom before I answered this email. Very incessant Word from the Lord to you–it’s an entity attached to the house, a sexual evil spirit, and…a spirit of oppression. Get rid of the head demon and the other will follow. (this is rare by the way, I usually don’t get such a strong word, and repeated so often). Kids especially are vulnerable at these ages, just conjecture on my part but I think they emit something physical that attracts these things; demons are always looking to be “satiated”. My little brother had the same sleep walking and night terrors, you couldn’t wake him up, he would scream and look and cry at the window and say there was a “pig in the window, with red glowing eyes”. We grew up without TV so this wasn’t something he had seen.

Have you ever done a house cleansing? As head of the house, it is your responsibility to cleanse the land and buildings and dedicate them to the Lord.

Walk thru your entire house and pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal to you any open doors (toys, games, something carved into a wall, floor, or came with the house etc), and then get rid of it, burn preferably. Use your authority as written in Luke 10:19, and command every evil spirit to vacate at once in Jesus’ name, and anoint doors and window sills too if you like with Olive Oil as a symbol of the shed blood of Jesus, just as was shown to us in Passover. Then walk your property line and do the same thing, get a bible and bury it in the corner of your property and dedicate the land to the Lord.

I know it probably sounds silly, but God respects his kids that do what the Lord did. He always sanctified the land, the buildings and then sprinkled blood on the utensils and alter. We must follow his example. If He did this for a reason, all the more for us to do it. My husband and I have also had incidences where we were instructed by the Lord to anoint and close the doors of phones, computers and TVs. My husband’s dad is an severe alcoholic and he would call to talk to Mark drunk, my husband had been delivered from alcoholism and we both got a strong Word to anoint the phones, weird, but I obeyed. Mark told me later that he felt a very strong pull toward alcohol when his dad would call prior to that. That is generational curse in action! I don’t even want to think of what would have happened if we had not done that, feeling dumb and all it was worth it!

Sending a prayer nuke your way!

SisterThank you so very much! Praise the Lord! That was very very right-on.

I should have known. I have already found things in the house. I can’t belive I didn’t understand what was going on. Thank You. Praise God. I will give you a status report in a week or two.

Thank you again for your help. The Lord was right (of course) there was something really terrible in the house. I’ll keep this e-mail short but at your request I would be happy share any and all details that I can. Some of what happened is to painful to talk about right now. If you need to hear the entire story, you can call and talk to my wife. She can tell you about a few of the things I can’t.

Here is the short version, even you might think I’m crazy after reading this!

The demon wouldn’t leave, even though we got things out of the house and prayed against it, and ordered it to be gone. At one point it during the night, it was in my son and talking through him. I cast it out easily in the name of Jesus but It was still in the house. I made my son pray with me out-loud and we asked God to send his angels to protect him if they were needed. I had only just sat down when there was a rushing feeling and a smell like ozone or rain or something. A second or two later my dog outside went nuts. All the other dogs along the alley started barking like crazy one by one, as if something was running through their yards.

I immediately fell to my knees and begin to pray. God showed me through his Word and his Voice that some evil could only be cast-out by “fasting and prayer”. I made up my mind to fast for 3 days but the Lord said clearly that “one would be enough”. ‘

The next day (yesterday) I could tell that there was still some object or objects in the house. I crawled up in the attic with a floodlight and searched it pretty well. I didn’t see anything. The attic was empty but God kept telling me that something was there.

I was about to go back down when I noticed a piece of sheetrock laying near the edge of the attic on top of the insulation. I moved it and saw several objects buried in the insulation. The objects were: an envelope stuffed with checks from the 1960’s made out to people like “humpty dumpty”; an old baton, like a girls drill team would use back in the 60’s; a wire hoop with barbs on it; a newspaper from the same time folded in a square to center a picture of a young girl who had won a pageant; a really heavy lamp base; a spooky little Halloween trinket and a light bulb made into a meth-pipe.

The worst thing though, was when I touched the baton. I feeling I can only describe as an electric shock jolted all the way up my arm and I screamed like a girl. I had a flash of pure raw emotion that changed my life! I’ll never be the same. Never! My wife found me curled up, crying like I only have one other time in my life — when I was 9 and my dog/best friend was run over by a truck. That time was close to as bad, but not like this. This was awful! And I’m not the crying type. I worked on a drilling rig for 7 years and one of our favorite sayings out in the oilfield was that “roughnecks don’t have feeling — that’s why they can’t get hurt.” All day I cried, off and on. Even today I broke down once while I was talking to my wife about what happened. She carried the stuff outside in a garbage bag, without touching it, and it still made her sick for about an hour afterward (throwing-up sick).

The house was warm for the first time in forever last night and even my sons handwriting has improved. The hall and bedroom where the stuff was found over was always cold even when the rest of the house was to hot. We always thought it was a problem with the duct-work in the attic. LOL

The thing is gone but I don’t know what happened to me. I’m praying and reading the Word. I know I’ll figure it out. And I also know that my life has somehow changed. Like I told my wife today. “You know those ladies you see on the news that went crazy after they lost a daughter and go everywhere looking for missing children?…….Well that’s me now.”

Praise the Lord God for he is good. His love is mighty and will conquer all.

Thank You is not strong enough to express my gratitude but words are as scattered as my thoughts right now.

WOW! Praise God! Wow, speechless, again, only God, I would have never have known that.
To be honest, I struggle with belief over what the Lord tells me at times, after I wrote you I had such feelings of “what if I am wrong”, “What if I didn’t hear from the Lord”? I guess that is good in a way because again,
I am just a woman, and He is God ALL-Knowing. Really praising him.

Those objects if they were used in a ritual or just in an act of ill-intent carry energy signatures, remember when Jesus said that the ground cried out because of the blood of Abel, and rocks are witnesses to an event, and piece of cloth could heal from Paul?
Basic physics places us as having energy, and My thinking is that the New AGE crowd understands this far better than Christians. Cursed objects or objects used in ritual are literally “imprinted” with this energy signature. No doubt why you felt such tremendous emotion from the baton. Don’t even want to know what evil was attached and done to its owner. Also why the Lord told the Israelites to not touch or take certain objects.

Thank you for writing and telling me, this continues to build my faith, and trust in the Lord more and more.


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  1. Wootmiser says:

    This is very beneficial information and sorely needed in a world slowly going demonic. This according to the Book Revelation. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  2. sergio says:

    hello you guys god bbless you. i have a question. i was reading the part where the sister was talking about her son sleepwalking and my ear began to tingle. could this have any sign of a possible resonance with me or could it be an indication of a similar spirit affecting me? please i would love to hear your take on it. by the way awesome stories im enjoying reading your efforts to do warfare with evil. my email is if you would like to contact me there

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