Reiki Warnings

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  1. Eric says:

    Interesting, I come from an area where there is alot of new age healing and new age people’s philosophy, they’ll believe anything, except Jesus Christ. (I was influenced by them too but not anymore) Have you heard of Ammachi, (Amma for short) she is from india and tours the world as a mother type figure and gives darshan (a hug and spiritual thing, a blessing ) She says things in your ear and has people around her chanting and what not, I believe it is a hindu sect or something and she claims to be Cali reincarnated (hindu woman deity). A friend a few years back got me to go see her in my city and get the darshan (This was before I was saved). I felt a weird fast vibrating energy attach itself to me and didn’t think much of it. Then a few years later, after I recognized Jesus Christ as the son of God and no other, I still went to get the darshan blessing, but this time I tested the spirits. I kept Jesus Christ in my mind as my savior and kept saying his name threw the whole thing. She had no power and I couldn’t get attached to the energy she loads onto people as a mother figure. Weird I know. Very deceptive is my take on it. I could feel that she kind of knew what was going on with me and, I feel she felt small and insignificant, like her trick didn’t work. That event proved to me the power of Jesus Christ and how he is the name, above all names. Reiki is the same way, if you let Jesus be your guide, so to speak, reiki wont work. here’s an artical about Reiki that I thought was interesting. God Bless.

    • cahuft says:

      Thanks Eric! I will check that article out. These ceremonies are often called “impartations”…okay, imparting what? The bible is very clear we are not to lay hands on just anyone, inititiates understand the power of “transferring”
      energies, and evil spirits. It is an unfortunate “stolen” item from our Lord. Remember the woman who touched the hem of his garment and was healed with the issue of blood? He felt energy, or power leave his body. Satan, is copycat, wants nothing more than to “be like god”, so he mocks, steals and destroys what was meant to be ours.

      A warning to all going to IMPARTATION services in our Christian churches…this is a New Age practice that has infiltrated the church. We are all carriers of energy, otherwise you would not be able to use a touch pad on your phone, it works off the electrostatic charge from your fingertip. Poor example, but what is happening in the spirit realm is beyond comprehension. Take heed and follow how Eric TESTED the SPIRITS!

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