Wait A Minute! The New Agers Do Say; “Even The Stones will Cry Out!” Power Crystals and Other Intriguing Rocks

By C.A. Huft

crystal skull

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Occultists and New Agers swear by the power of crystal rocks, in fact many state; “the crystal will actually choose you, speak to you and act as a portal, and condenser of power”. Some even claim healing properties, energy re-balancing and channeling. Could there be some truth to their claims?

Crystals do have some very interesting properties, in fact we would not be able to tell time, have computers, digital recorders and other high-end electronic technology without the use of liquid quartz-crystal technology.

Crystals are a type of transducer; they are a device for transforming one type of energy to another. The study of using crystal technology is called Piezoelectricity. The problem with the occult form of crystal use, is they believe the rock itself is the power source. They may be correct in the fact they can transform or transmit energy; whether it is spiritual, or physical.

Power crystals have become a source of protection from evil spirits, if you combine different types of quartz crystals you can channel spirits, read someone’s future, create positive or negative energy in your dwelling, attract wealth or favor!the list seems endless. For example; the rock Malachite which is a green rock, is said to attract money and wealth. As a Christian, what are we to think when we go to the Bible and the book of MALACHI talks about the way God’s system of favor and wealth work. Is this just a funny coincidence, or is there a clear and direct correlation between the book of ‘Malachi’ and a green rock named ‘malachite’, said to possess the power of attracting wealth?

Crystals are just rocks after … or are they? Many Christians have fallen into the trap of this new age paradigm of wearing protective jewelry in the form of amulets, ruins and crystal gems. Some have even amused themselves at the local fair by having their future told by a lady in a gypsy costume looking into her crystal ball. Crystals are pretty and captivating after all, and what harm can an inanimate rock bring to a born again, washed in the blood Christian?

Jesus himself even said in Luke 19:40 “I tell you”, he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” And again he makes reference to a rock — a capstone; Luke 20:17-18 “‘The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone?’ Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed.”NIV

Crystals in and of themselves are part of the glorious creation of the Almighty God. But if we go far back enough in history we find a powerful angel that was anointed and covered with a breastplate of beautiful stones. This angel was Satan, who rebelled against the Most High God and planned to become ‘just like God’. In his debased heart he devised a plan to deceive the children of men and pervert everything God had made, in order to fulfill his ambitious goals of becoming ‘like God’, he copied and perverted all that God had created, this included the crystalline rock forms.

Crystals may actually record information!after all this is how a computer works, your DVD player and other pieces of technology. Satan would definitely know about the hidden, latent powers of rocks. But, even if that were the case, God still created them, with His power.

The question is: if we know that crystals contain power, or are transducers, transmitters of power, is it O.K. for Christians to have Crystals, use crystals, or even inquire or communicate with these rocks?

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Crystals are just rocks, but the Bible does give us a strict code of cleanliness and warns us of certain objects of power we should steer clear of (these are called cursed things in the Old Testament)!many are inanimate objects, bracelets, symbols, idols of wood and stone, and even furnishings. Crystals are a stone! Many Christians unknowingly have these familiar or dedicated items in their possession, the bible tells us: 1 Corinthians 10:21, You cannot drink the Lord’s cup and the demon’s cup. You cannot partake of the Lord’s Table and the demon’s table. NIV

In Acts 19:11-12, God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them NIV. God himself seems to endow inanimate objects with power. Could Satan do the same? Could he attach evil spirits or evil intent to a rock (stone), object or symbol and cause an open door to his sick twisted spiritual realm? I not only think it likely it is most probable. Remember the Ark of the Covenant was just a piece of wooden furniture, but it held the very power and glory of God!

Satan wants to be like God, he wants to exalt himself above God, so he has to counterfeit and imitate his precepts and behaviors and his methods of accepted worship. he is a copycat.

So why the Crystal? Which is not one of the stones ascribed to Lucifer in Ezekiel 28:13, it’s called beryl. According to Wikipedia, “The earliest crystal balls were made from beryl, later being replaced by rock crystal.” The druids used beryl for scrying,(a form of divination) while the Scottish called them “stones of power”. Scrying is a form of divination; you are asking a rock for answers. Wasn’t their something in the bible about talking to useless idols made of stone and wood, who could not talk? Fascinatingly, Jesus is called The Rock, we find Satan carves ‘a rock’ to worship.

Rock-Crystal as the Hebrew name etymologically indicates, was a “flashing, brilliant stone” (Jewish Encyclopedia). This early Hebrew description certainly fits with Satan’s overall view of himself!

Deuteronomy 7:25-26, “The graven images of their gods shall ye burn with fire: thou shalt not desire the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it unto thee, lest thou be snared therein: for it is an abomination to the Lord thy God. Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.”KJV This is all pretty fascinating stuff, but now we have the high priest Jesus Christ, we no longer need a breastplate of rocks, since He is brilliance incarnate; we no longer need a false rock for making decisions. We can always go straight to the Father for answers and help in making decisions through Jesus Christ; we have also been given the Holy Spirit to help us.

If you have been a victim and duped by Intelligent Deception, and are currently using crystals or other gemstones of any type for any reason, renounce, repent, and destroy. Why talk to a rock, when you can go to the creator of the rock, for all of the answers to your problems? Satan wants you to talk to him, not to God; this is blatant false idol worship, and you are worshiping and ascribing the power of the Almighty to a stone. There is nothing wrong with owning gemstones, and wearing them as jewelry, however, if these gemstones have been dedicated to the service of Satan (New Age Philosophies), then you have been yoked to the evil spirit realm operating in your presence, I would strongly recommend destroying these trinkets of trickery!

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9 Responses to Crystals

  1. Denni says:

    Satan is the prince of this age and as Christians we can’t be to careful. however, I find that there is a tendency for us Christians to make everything that seems a little “out there” demonic. There was a time when science was viewed as magic. Imagine if all Christians suddenly discovered earth with the current population of non Christians using cell phoned, we would be sure that the use of cell phones was demonic. There are crystals like Tourmaline that is currently used in water filters with beneficial health properties. Scientists have discovered that the same benefits can be derived from wearing them of having them in close proximity to your person. Is that demonic? When one studies quantum mechanics one finds that there are natural phenomenons that many well-meaning Christians would label as demonic. Yes, we have to be careful but we also need better research before brand everything strange demonic. I do believe that many usages for crystals are prohibited by scripture. Your article seem to only condone the commercial usage of crystals. However, you must remember that our bodies are expressed as energy and matter. Hence, music gives energy, food gives energy, encouragement gives energy and items like crystals do emit energy. The question is: do we use crystals for doing forbidden practices, or can we use scientific research as an aid? Please remember that the Holy Bible is used by some to do evil practices like witchcraft. Still it remain God”s Holy Word.

  2. Caroline says:


    I think you’re right on here. Whether an object contains energy or not, the same rules apply to it all. Don’t worship it, don’t tell the future with it, but you can accept it as a gift from God with the abilities God has given it or lack thereof. The sun has energy, if I go out in it, it will actually make me feel happy, but I know it’s because that’s the way God made the sun with the vitamin D the increased light, that doesn’t mean I worship it as an idol or as a god itself. The big thing to me is that all the Glory and Praise are going to God for this gifts He put here for us.

  3. Diana says:

    My friendhad just went through a “satanic” event. She is in another state visiting someone and I received a call from them saying that she is in a psych hospital. When someone went through her belongings they found a white candle and a crystal rock. I have been trying to do some research on this and I am in awe. I need help or advise as what to do. Please email me with advise. Thank you for your time.

  4. aaron says:

    as with everything else in our lives wrong or right is based on intention. Crystals if treated just like aspirin, cough medicine or anything else serve as nothing more than a medication. If you believe they hold some special power or place them on a mental pedestal anything similiar to God of course they are of evil nature. However treating them as a useful tool just like rubbing a plant on a burn to help with the pain there is no harm in doing so. God put many minerals, plants, etc here for our use while on earth for healing and such…nothing wrong with using what was put here for us if used in a christian manner.

  5. Mitten says:

    It’s really cool that there are some sensible Christians that read this and did not take it as doctrine. I agree with the logic and rationale that has been demonstrated by former commentators: it’s here on Earth of Divine creation and as long as not used for evil purpose… then where is the real harm? There’s so many flaws in the idiom presented in the article that it makes Christians look like the Spanish Inquisition. If that’s what you want to be then that is cool… it just totally justifies the observation that your religion is nothing but an anglo saxon systematic inferiority complex utilized to instill fear and promote justification of the many killed and conquered in the name of a Christian God…

    I really don’t believe that your friend Jesus would sponsor your petty slander of the positive ways others choose to enhance their life experience. And if you are going to call the “new age” practicioners of dark intentioned superstition then you have to ask youself “what makes me a Christian” and really, REALLY address your interior Core… all religious bias aside… just you, yourself, and what you biologically need to function and survive in the current world… I can tell you that eating or drinking the word of God for nourishment will probably bring you less satisfaction than say “water and bread.”

    Christian Bigots are the best!

  6. L C says:

    One thing that you have to consider as far as stones and crystals are concerned, is that most of their usage (mostly crystals) is for communicating with “spirits.” As Christians we understand that such spirits are actually of demonic nature as we are able to talk to the Lord ourselves. In that, why would we bother trying to talk to anything other than Him?
    Yes, He created the crystals and stones and they were to be worn by Aaron in the Old Testament as a high priest. But have you thought about the idea that maybe he wore those, not just to represent his place as a high priest, but that they could hold some form of spiritual aspects? That by having these around us could be used in the spiritual realm? The other side of thinking on that idea is that NONE of us are prepared for anything in the spiritual realm. Aaron was allowed to wear these because he would go into the tabernacle and they would sacrifice to the Lord. When we, as Christians, allow ourselves to have these things around us are we also going before the Lord?
    There’s much debate on them helping scientifically or not. I myself have owned some stones here and there that they claim can help blood circulation and so on. At first I thought of it more in scientific views that the minerals in such stones might actually have effects on us that could be helpful (just as they say magnets can help with joint pain). What I’ve realized is that in buying into these theories I am therefore putting my faith into a stone instead of our Lord and Savior for any of my ailments.
    I can also understand from a point of view that they’re just pretty and “neat.” I even bought some bloodstones, as they are also considered one of my birthstones (we supposedly have several). What I failed to realize is that though I was just thinking it was a “neat thing” to have, other people use these things in forms of worship and to communicate with the spiritual realm. We, as humans, are not meant to have such power, which is why God warned us to stay away from people who practice “black and white magic.” In a nutshell, they might believe they’re dealing with “good spirits” but are naive to realize they are dealing with the demonic in disguise.
    God is the only one that allows us to deal with anything from the spiritual realm. It’s only through His revealing that we ever notice or see anything (yes, that can happen. I’ve seen quite a bit) of that realm. The point of that is that when dealing with the spiritual realm, which is invisible to our eyes, we are not equipped to know how to handle such things without God.
    I’m glad you brought this up in your writings, as it is something that I neglected to remember to get rid of recently, while I was getting rid of other images around my room or in my possession. I know a lot of people think stones and crystals are harmless, but what they also don’t think about is the fact that you don’t know who they’re coming from and don’t really know if anyone else could have used them in regards to spells or curses. For all we know they could have cast something on the whole shipment before it went off to stores.
    Just something to think about. If you’re really having trouble deciding what to do in this scenario, I would suggest praying about it and asking God what to do. He has the final answer.

  7. Tonya says:

    If you use a crystal for protection or to heal, is it Satanic? As a Christian it is so easy to be deceived. Thoughts?

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