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Outlaw Angels–Part II

By C. A. Huft Many people believe the Bible tells us angels are “sexless, celibate” and without gender because of this verse from Matthew: At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage: They will be like … Continue reading

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Outlaw Angels: Understanding the Roots of The Paranormal

By C.A. Huft Part 1 Angels have long been misunderstood beings, especially in our society. When we think of angels we often get the picture of a cute naked baby with wings flitting to and fro with arrows pointed toward … Continue reading

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So what questions do you have regarding the Paranormal and the Bible?

Discover the truth behind paranormal mysteries, ghosts, angels, demons, UFO’s, Aliens, vampires, witchcraft, ancient megaliths, psychic abilities, reincarnation, crytozoology and more… Have you had an encounter that could not be explained by conventional logic? Christianity has been remiss in teaching … Continue reading

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